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Company Profile
RMS Marbles is one of the oldest and biggest quarry owner and processor of natural stones in a Southern Rajasthan belt of India at Makrana and Kishangarh.

We, RMS Marbles, are a profound Manufacturer, Supplier, Wholesaler, Distributor, Importer and Exporter dealing in a wide range of Marbles, Granite, Tiles and Stones. Our manufacturing plant and head office is based in Makrana, Rajasthan, India, which was founded long back in the year 1975. Our product range includes Imported Makrana White Marbles, Makrana Doongri Marbles, Makrana Albeto Marbles, Sattwario, Coloured Marbles, Imported Marbles, Marble Handicraft, Granite, Tiles & Stone. We have always met with the huge and ever rising market demands on time and in an appropriate manner. Our customers satisfaction and trust upon us drives us to perform best out of abilities.

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Nature of Business

Manufacturer, Supplier, Wholesaler, Distributor, Importer and Exporter

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Product Range

  • Marble Texture
    • Makrana Albeto Marble
    • Udaipur Green Marble
    • Makrana Brown Marble
    • Marmara White Marble
    • Makrana Dungri Marble
    • Makrana White Marble
    • Belgium White Marble
    • Salumber Onyx Marble Texture
    • Katni Marble
    • Sanwar Marble
    • Snow White Marble
  • Granites
    • Sky Grey Granite
    • Malaysian Black Granite
    • Rosy Pink Granite
    • Amazon Green Granite
    • Baltic Brown Granite
    • Black Forest Granite
    • Emerald Pearl Granite
    • Lady Dream Granite
    • Coffee Brown Granite
    • Zed Black Granite
    • Red Granite
    • Black Granite
    • Panther Granite
    • Steel Grey Marble
  • Makrana White Marbles
  • Marble Jalis And Stone Work
    • Marble Inlay Work And Jalis
    • White Marble Jali
    • Inlay Work Marble Handicraft
    • Dolphur Stone Jali
  • Makrana Marble
    • Flawless White Marble
    • Makrana Brown
    • Makrana Kumari Marble
    • Makrana White Marble
    • Makrana Pink Marble
    • Makrana Kumari Marbles
    • Makrana Kola Dungri
    • Dungri Leera Marble Slabs
  • Stone Texture
    • Teak Wood Sandstone
    • Autumn Brown Sandstone
    • Brown Render Marble
    • Natural Stone
    • Khatu Brown Stone
    • Rainbow Khatu Sandstone
    • Rajasthan Botticino Marble
    • Emerald Marble
  • Makrana Albeto Texture Marble
    • Marmara Blocks
    • Makrana Cross Cut Texture Marble
    • Imported Marbles
    • Italian Marble
    • Brown Belgium Marble
    • Imported Marble
    • Bianco Marfil Imported Marbles
    • Elmali Beige Marble
    • Bianco Fussion Imported Marble
    • Grey Beige Colored Marble
    • Diana Imported Marble
    • Diana Classic Imported Marble
    • Golden Beige Imported Marble
    • Red Travertine Imported Marble
    • Travertine Marble
    • Black Pearl Marble
    • Dark Emperador Marble
    • Dark Brown Marble
    • Silvia Imported Marble
    • Oman Beige Imported Marble
  • Makrana Dungri Marble
    • Dungri Marble Cross Cut
    • Makrana Dungri
    • Makrana Chak Dungri Marble
    • Makrana Kumari Marble
  • Makrana Marble Tiles
    • Coloured Tiles
    • Natural Stone Colored Tiles
    • Marble Tile
    • Brown Pattern Tiles
  • Onyx
    • Tiger Onyx Stone
    • Indian Onyx Marble
    • Imported Onyx Marble
    • Honey Onyx Marble
    • Mango Onyx Marble
    • Tiger Onyx
    • White Onyx Marble
    • Joint Onyx Marble
    • Joint Onyx -2 Marble
  • Marble Temples
    • Makrana Marble Temples
    • Marble Temple With Inlay Works
  • Marble Handicraft
    • Marble Handicraft
    • Marble Temples
    • Carvings In Marble Temple
    • Stone Art
    • Marble Tulsi Stand
    • Marble Mandir

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